Top Ten Reasons to Choose EfficientPIM

Personal Information Management Software - EfficientPIMYou can find many kinds of personal information management software, but we believe firmly that EfficientPIM will fit you better because of the following top ten reasons.

1. All-In-One

It's a time manager, contact management, planner, reminder, notepad, password manager combined in a single application. The software is designed to enable you to manage your personal information conveniently and help you become a happy, efficient and successful person by combining multiple personal information management functions together!

2. Easy to use

As powerful as the software is, it is user-friendly. The interfaces and operations for all kinds of information are consistent, so long as you are familiar with the operations related to contacts, you will also know the operations related to events and tasks; and you can add, modify, find and locate all kinds of information; Even in the information display list you can also modify information directly, without the need to open a new window; the software provides the hot keys for frequently used operations, which are set according to industry standards.

3. Competitive Price

With so many innovative PIM functions (such as recurrence definition for events and tasks, password management, desktop notes, document editor etc), its price is only $39.95 per suite!

We also provide 1 year of FREE updates protection for the registered users of EfficientPIM! This means that what you buy is not only one version of EfficientPIM but multiple versions! We have been perfecting our products according to the requirements of our users!

4. Protect your existing investment

We know you may have been using other software to manage your personal information! We have taken that into account:

5. Recognition from Authoritative Software Editor

EfficientPIM has satisfied many demanding authoritative software editors with its powerful functions, professional performance and user-friendly features.

These are part of the awards won by EfficientPIM:

5 Stars rating by Soft32
5 Stars rating by Soft2Have
Editor's choice Rating by 123 Free Download
Editor's choice Rating by 1st Download Center
5 Stars rating by NewFreeDownloads
5 Stars rating by DownloadPipe
5 Stars rating by Softpicks
5 Dudes rating by FileDudes
5 Stars rating by DownloadRage
5 Stars rating by Download2PC
5 Stars rating by AllApp
Editor's choice Rating by
Editor's choice Rating by

6. Recognition from our users

Likewise, EfficientPIM is also well accepted by its users. Of course we always remember that our goal is - to improve your efficiency! We will keep improving and enhancing our product to meet your future demands.

Comments on the software from some of our users:

"I am so impressed with your PIM. ... Your program has everything that I'm looking for and more. ... I have to use a program to keep all the school meetings, doctors appointments, ... the list is endless. ... Your Program is such a step up, I can see so many things that are going to save me time, the time I save planning out everything can go back into being with my kids."

- Dana, Springfield, VT, USA
May 2008

"Sorry my poor english ... I love your soft ... I love this so much that I spend hours in this soft. Here are my suggestion ... Thank you so much ... Well, I love your software, if you do not made any changes, I love your software in the same way :)"

- A happy happy user :) Mariwal Jordao, Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 2008

"I have already purchased your software and look forward to future releases that make this already great software even better."

- Gregory Brown, PA, USA
May 2008

"Thank you for developing so good software, if using it often, I believe most of the users will become excellent people ... really very rarely software can make me so excited."

- Mr. Ran, China
Aug 2007

We also look forward to your comment .

7. Powerful MS-Word-like Document Editor

EfficientPIM has embedded a powerful document editor similar to MS-Word, which can be used to write diary, memos, notes, remarks and a variety of other documents.
Besides most functions common to general document editors, it also has the following features:

8. Main holidays can be imported at any time

The suite of EfficientPIM has included the main holidays of the international community and of some countries and regions. You can choose importing these holidays into the software, which will remind you several days earlier as you configured, so that you can prearrange how to spend the holidays, relaxing yourself and getting together with your friends and family members, because we want not only success, but happiness as well! EfficientPIM will help you to become a highly effective person to reap both!

9. Embedded desktop notes

You can "stick" information on your computer desktop directly! Therefore as soon as you start your computer, you will see the important information at first sight. You can compare similar software to see if they have such function or not.

10. Embedded password manager

In the information age, we need to remember more passwords! The password manager can help you record and find all your passwords. From now on, you only need to remember one password!

In addition, you can have free trial of the FULL version of EfficientPIM for 30 days! It is strongly recommended to download and try EfficientPIM immediately and compare it with similar software and then make your own choice!


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