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How can I know the specific location of my EfficientPIM data file?
Since the first time you run EfficientPIM, by default, your information will be saved in the file 'My Information.effw' in the 'My Documents' folder. You can also create other .effw files. You can click the File menu in the main window. At the bottom of the File menu, you can see recently opened files (including full paths and file names). The first one (with a tick on the left) is the one you are working with.

My personal information is very, very important! I am kind of worried. What if my data is missing?
EfficientPIM safeguards your data from being missing with two measures. First, each time when you exit the program normally, EfficientPIM will backup the current file automatically to the backup folder (by default, 'My Documents\EfficientPIM AutoBackup'). Second, you can click the Backup command on the File menu at any time to back up the data of the current EfficientPIM file to some other place, such as to your USB drive.

God! I forgot the password for the data file! Can you help me find back my password?
We are sorry, but we also could not know the password you set for your data file. Please try harder to recall the password you set for the file. Remember, the password is case-sensitive. Therefore, please pay attention to the state of the Caps Lock key when you enter the password.

In the Today module, by default, the days for 'Show entries in these days' are set to be 7. May I know what specific tasks are displayed?
Tasks in the next 7 days mean: 1. Tasks due in the next 7 days. 2. If the option 'Hide completed tasks' is not checked, tasks to be completed in 7 days are also included. 3. If 'Include tasks with no due date' is checked, tasks without a due date are also included.

What tasks are displayed on the TaskPad of the Calendar module? Can I configure which tasks to display by myself?
By default, the active tasks for dates displayed in the Calendar view are displayed on TaskPad. You can click View -> TaskPad View to configure what tasks to be displayed on TaskPad, such as All Tasks, Tasks for Next 7 Days, etc.

I created a new contact group. May I know how should I rename or delete this group?
Right-click the name of a group in the navigation panel at the left of the main window, and you will find the command you need on the popup menu.

When adding a contact, I checked the option of birthday reminder for the contact. May I know the number of days I am to be reminded in advance? Can I change the days?
By default, you will be reminded 5 days in advance. Please click the Options command on the Tools menu, and click Contacts at the left of the Options dialog box. Now you can check and modify the number of advanced days before the birthday.

What's the meaning for 'Related Contacts'? Where do they appear?
For an event, 'Related Contacts' usually mean the people you have an appointment with, or meeting participants; for a task, 'Related Contacts' may mean to whom the task is assigned; for a contact, 'Related Contacts' may be family members. You can also define related contacts based on your own needs.

What's the difference between Add Attachment and Add File Link?
An attachment is a copy of the current content of an existing file duplicated into EfficientPIM, while a file link is only the record of the location of a file on the disk.
If the source file on the disk is modified, when you view an attachment file of the type 'File Link', you will see the latest information; on the other hand, if the type of the attachment is 'Attachment', you will see the information at the very time when it was attached.

How to enter multiple contacts from the same company quickly?
After you enter a contact, you can click the command New Contact from the Same Company on the File menu (shortcut key: Ctrl+M) in the add/edit contact window. For a new contact added this way, you do not need to enter information related to the company (business address, phone number, etc.) again.

Sometimes I cannot tell what arrangements should be created as new events, and what as new tasks? Any suggestions?
The key difference between an event and a task is you may want to tell whether a task has been completed, but it is not necessary for an event. For example, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are all all-day events, and meetings started at certain time in a day are usually also events. For some arrangements, you may create them either as events or as tasks where appropriate. 'Pay Telephone Bill', for example, can be set up as an event. You just need to be reminded at a proper time. However, if you want to track whether the job of paying telephone bill is completed, you can set it up as a task. When you have paid the bill, you can set the state of the task as 'Completed'.

I opened EfficientPIM and went to the Events module. I found all the events I previously entered disappeared! What happened? Why?
Please check at the bottom of the navigation panel, which is at the left of the main window. There are several filters for events, such as (show events of) High importance. You can switch to All to see all entered events.

What's the difference between 'Edit Series' and 'Edit This Occurrence' for an event?
For example, you created a recurring event that you attend the routine weekly meeting of your division at 9:00 AM every Monday morning. If later this routine meeting is changed to be held at 14:00 PM in the afternoon, you can make the modification with the command 'Edit Series' on the context menu to change the start time of the whole event. However, if the change to 14:00 PM in the afternoon only temporarily occurs this week, and all future meetings will still be held at 9:00 AM in the morning, please edit this event with the command 'Edit This Occurrence' on the context menu, so only the start time for this occurrence of the event will be modified.

Why I cannot drag and drop a task and cannot create a new subtask in the Tasks module?
Only when the tasks are displayed in Tree View can you drag a task and create a new subtask. Please click Tree View on the View menu in the main window to change the current view type for tasks.

I opened EfficientPIM and went to the Tasks module. I found all the tasks I previously entered disappeared! What happened? Why?
Please check at the bottom of the navigation panel, which is at the left of the main window. There are several filters for tasks, such as (show tasks of) High priority. You can switch to All to see all entered tasks.

After I wrote a diary entry and saved it, I found I need to change its date. How should I do?
Please open the window to edit the diary entry, and click the Move To command on the toolbar to change the diary entry's date.

When I write a note, when the content grows big, I hope I can save the current content of the note in mid without closing the window. Is there a shortcut?
Yes, there is a shortcut and there is also a shortcut key. Please press the shortcut key 'Shift+Ctrl+S' to save the content of the note. It will not close the current edit window.

Can I run EfficientPIM after installing it on a thumb drive?
Yes. EfficientPIM is green software.

My question is not in your FAQ list, what can I do?
Do not hesitate to email us for any question or comments.

How should I upgrade to the latest version?

Upgrade from an installed version of EfficientPIM:

  1. Please first download the latest EfficientPIM installation package.
  2. If your EfficientPIM is running, please exit it first.
  3. (Optional): Click "Start > All Programs > EfficientPIM > Unstall EfficientPIM" to uninstall the older version of EfficientPIM.
  4. Run the executable "EfficientPIM-Setup.exe" that you have downloaded to the local computer.
  5. Follow its instructions step by step to complete installation. You are suggested to install EfficientPIM to the same directory of the older version.
  6. Run the latest version of EfficientPIM.
  7. The new version will automatically open the data files of the old version, and whenever necessary, will convert the format(s) of the data files to the latest version automatically.

Version Upgrade of EfficientPIM Portable:

Note: By default, the data files of EfficientPIM Portable are stored in the "Documents" subdirectory within the extracted directory. Therefore, to avoid unwanted data deletion, please do not simply remove the whole installation directory of the older version before upgrading to the newer one.

  1. Please first download the compressed (.zip) file of the latest version of EfficientPIM Portable.
  2. If your EfficientPIM is running, please exit it first.
  3. Extract the downloaded file "EfficientPIM-Port.zip" with WinZip or a similar tool to the same directory as that for the older version. When you see the "Confirm File Overwrite" dialog box, please click "Yes" or a similar button to confirm. (Only files necessary for the running of EfficientPIM are included in the compressed pack. Data files are not included. So do not worry that your existing data files could be overwritten.)
  4. Run EfficientPIM.exe in the extracted directory.
  5. The new version will automatically open the data files of the old version, and whenever necessary, will convert the format(s) of the data files to the latest version automatically.
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