I bought efficient pim from your company the other day.Every time i go to open the sofeware it ask me to buy it and register it, I have register it two or three times, I need this fixs or my money back, I like the organizer but I do not like to register it every time I need to open it.
Sorry for such problem. Please operate as the following steps: 1. Download ; 2. Unzip the zip data to somewhere in your computer; 3. Quit the Efficient software if you are using it; 4. Run the RegInfoClearer.exe in the unzipped folder; 5. Delete the registration information as the program's advice; 6. Enter your registration code after re-start the software.

Is there a way for me to increase the volume of your promgram's alarm? I've got my system maxed out in the sound department, but the alarm is still rather faint. What options, if any, are available in re sounds? I checked the help index, etc., but "sounds" was just casually mentioned. Other than the sound issue, the rest of the program seems to be fine. Thanks.
The volume of the alarm sound depends on your PC. As for the sound, you could simply rename OUR wave file and placed your own wave file (renaming it to "alarm.wav") in the same file directory.

Is it possible to import data base files from Daytimer Organizer 2000?
Our software support importing of any and only .csv file. So you could export the data in Daytimer Organizer 2000 as .csv file and then import it to our software.

Request an app to migrate data from Palm Desktop version 4.1.4. Please!!! Also, would like to see a section for free style notes.
Our software support importing of any and only .csv file. So you could export the data in your Palm Desktop version 4.1.4 as .csv file and then import it to our software. All our softwares have free version, you could free download them in our website: .

Hi, was wondering if I can change the default folders for saving (and for autobak saving).it keeps re-creating the folders in MY DOCUMENTS and I do not want the folders there, but somewhere else. Is that possible? I'm using Efficient Diary 1.98.
Yes, you could change the default autoback folder in "Tools-Options-General-Automatically Backup". But the program would save the data into the folder where you install the software and you couldn't change it unless you re-install it.

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